About Us
History of Integrity Electrical Contractors:
Integrity Electric was first established in 1998 by Owner Michael J. Martin. As an industry professional Michael worked full time as an electrician while spending his nights & weekends building up his company. As Integrity grew, He was soon able to devote all his time to working & running his business. When the economy crahsed in 2008, Integrity was forced to lay off its employees, including Mike's daughter Shannon and soon after closed its doors. As a Master Electrician, Mike went to work for another Company.
In 2012, Mike re-opened his business as Accent Electric Plus to take on job requests by previous clients. Although he never quit his current job & continued to do selected jobs with his daughter on nights & weekends. Shannon also worked as an electrcian for another company. In Fall of 2014, Mike changed the name Accent Electric Plus, back to its original name & took on Shannon as his business partner. In February 2015 Mike quit his job at Faith Technologies to run & operate Integrity Electrical Contractors.
Integrity Electrical Contractors is currently owned & operated by father daughter duo, Mike Martin & Shannon Theisen. Since they re-opened, They have been extremely busy doing majority of their work in the industrial & commercial fields. In the past 2 years they've taken on; A Pizza Pub Resuraunt, 2 State Farm buildings, A Chiropractors Office, Pearl Vision Remodel, North Pine Aggregate Retro Fit, Maintained 4 industrial & Commerial contracts at Alter Recycling (Anoka), PCA(Golden Valley), & CHP (North Branch, MN), Pioneer Press, New Consessions building at The Cambridge High School, Remodel at Oak Park Dental (Pine City). Along with numerous houses & remodels. 

Currently working on; Props Landing Waterfront Grille (Hayward, WI), Remodel at Journey North Church (Pine City, MN)